From Holy Trinity ChurchMap to Holy Trinity Cemetery

It is about two and a half miles from Holy Trinity church to the Cemetery.
From the church:

  1. Travel West to Highway 81
  2. Left (South) on HWY 81
  3. Take the Highway 81 exit ramp toward El Reno.
  4. Immediately at the the end of the ramp, turn right to double back.
  5. Follow the road for about 1 mile.
  6. The cemetery will be on your right.



From Oklahoma City

Take the Highway 81 exit ramp toward El Reno, which exits to the right on Northwest Expressway.  After looping around and going under the highway, you will see a small, green Holy Trinity Cemetery sign.  Turn right and follow the road for about 1 mile. The cemetery will be on your right.

Father Rother’s GraveHoly Trinity Cemetery gate

After you arrive at the cemetery and park, it is a short walk to the graveside:

  1. Enter the cemetery through the main gate.


2. Walk all the way to the large crucifix in the center.  Look Slightly almost straight ahead, but slightly to

the left.

Holy Trinity Cemetery cross





3. You will see the headstone is dark gray granite with the words “Padre Aplas”


Fr. Rother's gravesite

Fr. Rother’s gravesite







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